So, facebook has yet again thrown spanners in the works as they revolutionise the way we use the popular social networking site. Since the 30th of March 2012, Facebook made the all new timeline platform mandatory when it released and implemented the new format across the board.  Positive and negative response’s have been expressed since the launch of timeline which has begged the question, what does the all new look signify for businesses on facebook, and what new capabilities can be utilised if any.

First off, we look at the positives and how the all new format can benefit companies. For starters, the branding appears to be much more apparent with timeline, with new concepts such as cover images where companies can showcase their main attributes and upload much larger branded images.  Businesses will need to take advantage of this new feature by showcasing their company visually to give themselves as much exposure as possible.  Overall, this appears to be the main advantage of the all new look facebook pages, whereby larger images and videos are much more user friendly offering users more control over the image and feel of content, a definite plus for any company or business.

Secondly, if your company has an app that is relevant to your Facebook Business page, any activity that users engage in on your business page will be mirrored on the users Facebook timelineAlso on the plus side you can now create an editorial calendar. This makes for much more calculated posts that can be scheduled and timed to suit your specific audience you are aiming to target. As well as this, the new Timeline for Facebook Pages will also show users which of their friends on Facebook also like the same brand when they visit a specific page. These features will benefit companies immensely in terms of marketing sharing capabilities.

In terms of usability, everything can now be accessed and maintained from the top of the page.  The new social media tool “pinning” which you may or may not have heard about has also been facilitated in the new facebook layout. “Pinning” a post now restores a story or article at the top of the timeline page.

Analysing timeline from a more negative aspect, firstly, there is no default landing tab anymore. The landing tabs were previously very popular with companies in terms of self promotions and competitions. You can however still create the custom tabs, but as you will find, you cannot use it as a landing page as it was previously utilised.

And so to summarise, all in all, as much as we may procrastinate about change, the new timeline outlook for businesses, should be viewed positively and exploited to its maximum ability for the utmost exposure in a company’s social media marketing strategies.  Overall, we give Facebook’s Timeline for business a promising thumbs up.